Haukedalen is a farming community located some 40 kilometers from Førde, the commercial center of Sogn og Fjordane county. It is a parish of great natural beauty, stretching along the shores of lake Haukedalsvatnet towards Grovabreen and Jostefonn, outlets of mainland Europe’s largest glacier, Jostedalsbreen. Haukedalen holds a wide range of opportunities for active outdoor life, from easy hikes to tough challenges on high mountains and glaciers.

At Haukedalen Fiskeferie there are activities for the whole group staying. Fishing trout in the river Gaula or in Haukedalsvannet. Take long idyllic walks in the mountain nearby Grovabreen and Jostefonn. Stay in a cabin 600 meters above sea level just off the fishing lake, or choose to stay by the river in a hundred-year-old log house.

Amazing scenery

Staying in an old farm is special, and you can experience it together with us. A 100 years old log house is rented out. Experience old culture in one of Norway´s west coast valleys. Here there is plenty of room for 8 people, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and also a freezer ready for the catch.


 It is wonderfully placed in dream nature of approx 600 meters over sea level with in reach of three fine mountain lakes. Here you stay in a simple log cabin without running water and electricity also with an outdoor shower. Here we make the food on gas fire and light the oil lamps in the evenings.

Cottage in the mountain

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